Introducing the all new Skybot FW

The Skybot FW is a visually stunning and durable UAV air frame design that is capable of extremely stable and energy efficient flights. This aircraft was designed as a high performance platform to be utilized in extreme utility or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations.


When designing the Skybot FW, we had one mission in mind: To build a unique solution that combines ruggedness, energy efficiency and stability in strong winds providing high coverage area whether you are in the mapping, agriculture or other industrial application

iconos_skybotica-01Innovative forward swept wing design to avoid low speed stalling and ease of landing

iconos_skybotica-03Rock solid stability in flight for optimum video and picture quality

iconos_skybotica-02Lightweight and durable air frame manufactured from EPP (expanded polypropylene)

iconos_skybotica-04Proprietary bay system offers maximum payload capacity and adjust ability for balancing

Customizable Colors
Customize your fuselage and wings

Totally Innovative and All Terrain Proven!

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The Skybot FW has sufficient cargo space and weight bearing capacity to accommodate all of the electronics and sensors that would be needed for multiple applications.

iconos_skybotica-05Extended flight times possible depending on configuration and flight habits


iconos_skybotica-06Easy to assemble in the field without tools


iconos_skybotica-09High quality materials and components


iconos_skybotica-10Upgradable and expandable to accommodate multiple sensor packages


iconos_skybotica-07Easy to launch by hand


iconos_skybotica-11All parts are easily repairable or replaceable


Disassembles into three main pieces for easy transport and storage


iconos_skybotica-12Will easily fly in adverse weather conditions, capable of collecting data when most other currently available UAVs cannot due to weather, wind and other conditions